Warrior: 7.2 Fury Guide & FAQ

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Warrior: 7.2 Fury Guide & FAQ

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7.2 Fury Guide & FAQ
Disclaimer: This guide will only cover changes up to and including those included in patch 7.2. It does not include Tomb of Sargeras content, to include Tier 20, new trinkets, or as of yet unforeseen balance passes, so please don't ask about them.
Disclaimer: This guide will largely serve as a sequel to the previous 7.1.5 guide, some information will be duplicated, while dated information will be removed. If you're looking for information concerning information which is no longer supported, check back there.


"What's the 7.2 artifact path?"

"How do the new traits work?"
  • Pulse of Battle generates 4 rage per critical strike with Raging Blow. Since Raging Blow attacks and can crit independently with each hand, it can generate up to 4-8 rage per crit, and has a greater overall chance for at least one hand to crit. For the mathy types, this means a 10% chance to crit converts to a 19% chance for at least one hand to crit (4 rage), and a 1% chance to crit with both (8 rage).
  • Oathblood has a 10% chance to trigger an extra Bloodthirst attack after Bloodthirst is used. It's completely automatic, the damage is rolled separately, generates rage, and has its own chance to crit, which can trigger Enrage.
  • Death and Glory causes Odyn's Fury to deal extra Fire (Odyn's Glory) or Shadow (Helya's Scorn) damage (300% attack power - roughly 50% of OF's direct/non-DoT damage), and either generate 20 rage (Fire) or leech for damage dealt (Shadow).
  • Concordance of the Legionfall is the new dump trait, which requires all other traits to be obtained first. It's a 10s duration, 1.37 RPPM, Strength increasing proc.

"What are the best talents?"


"What about other talents?"
  • Endless Rage should be used on single target fights, while War Machine is better for any fight which grants at least 30% uptime. For Nighthold these fights are typically Skorpyon, ChronAnom, Spellblade, Tichondrius, Botanist, and Gul'dan. It's also useful for most dungeon and open world content.
  • Wrecking Ball is only worth using if you're consistently using Whirlwind outside of cooldowns.
  • Bloodbath and Frenzy perform similarly to Inner Rage in a static environment, but Inner Rage is much more versatile, and tends to perform much better in actual encounters, especially those with intermittent multi-target, movement, or downtime during the encounter.
  • Massacre and Carnage are outperformed by Frothing Berserker.
  • Bladestorm doesn't perform well due to not fitting into cooldowns and being supplanted by Odyn's Fury. Dragon Roar is completely outclassed by Reckless Abandon.

"Is there a BiS list?"

Use this link for now (WiP - this tag will be removed when updated for Cathedral loot).

"What are the best legendaries?"

Rankings use 890 ilvl BiS list (see above) as a base, with 4p tier, all new 7.2 traits, and a variance of +/- ~600 dps.
  • There are two different ring and trinket slots in the BiS list, ergo Ring1/Trinket1 means the legendary replaces the item in Ring/Trinket slot 1 (the top slot), and Ring2/Trinket2 replace the Ring/Trinket in slot 2 - reference the BiS list above.
  • Ceann-Ar, Kazzalax, and Stratagem use Tier legs to maintain the 4p bonus.
  • Sephuz's doesn't account for the proc, if it can be reliably procced it dramatically increases in value.
  • Naj'entus's and Kil'jaeden's are ranked with only one target. If used against multiple targets their values increase proportionately.
Notes for use
  • With Kazzalax, Bloodthirst can be used on the pull immediately before Battle Cry.
  • With Ayala's, Execute should be used during Raging Blow's cooldown, in place of a weaker Bloodthirst/Furious Slash.
  • Kil'jaeden's should be used during Battle Cry, preferably against multiple targets. It's not affected by Avatar or Enrage and already automatically crits, but does benefit from Unrivaled Strength (which is actually a bug, though not one that will be fixed). While strong due to ilvl, it's weaker than Draught/Convergence.

"What are the best trinkets?"
Draught of Souls and Convergence of Fates.
Single trinket - using BiS list above, minus trinkets.

"What are the best Relic traits?"
Battle Cry, Raging Blow, and Enrage

"What's the best race?"
They're close enough not to make a significant difference, but if you really want to spend money (gold)...

"Is Jeweled Signet of Melandrus (auto-attack ring) still good"?
Yes, though not as good as it used to be, as Critical Strike is continually devalued in relation to Haste & Mastery and ability damage now makes up a larger part of total damage.

As an example of relative strength, here are comparisons of various ilvl Melandrus vs BiS Nighthold rings:

vs 890 Scoured Clan (Haste/Mastery)

vs 890 Braided Stems (Haste/Versatility)

"What about Ring of Collapsing Futures?"
BiS at a competitive ilvl, though the proc only affects a single target, making it weaker in multi-target situations. It should be used during Battle Cry and Enrage, whenever the Temptation debuff isn't up.

As an example of relative strength, here are comparisons of various ilvl Collapsing Futures vs BiS Nighthold rings:

vs 890 Scoured Clan (Haste/Mastery)

vs 890 Braided Stems (Haste/Versatility)

"Is Draught getting nerfed?"
No, though it wouldn't be surprising if it is by the time Tomb releases.

"Isn't it pronounced 'Draft'?"
I really don't care.

"If I have prot legendaries, exactly 18.63784 Haste, macro Fishbrul with Prolonged Power, keybind Bloodthirst to an unlocked mousewheel, and my cat refuses to coach me anymore, what will AMR say my best in bags is?"
If you want me to answer overly specific questions like this, become a Patron.

Note: > means "greater than", not "and then". This means it's a priority list, not a step-by-step sequence.
Note: -> means "and then", not "greater than". This means it's a step-by-step sequence, not a priority list.

New in 7.2
  • The new traits don't impact the rotation much. While Death and Glory makes Odyn's Fury stronger, it's still better used after Raging Blow, in place of Furious Slash or Bloodthirst.
  • Massacre rotations will no longer be listed, they can be found in the 7.1.5 guide.
Frothing Berserker

Normal rotation
    Raging Blow (if Enraged) > Rampage (100 rage) > Raging Blow > Bloodthirst > Furious Slash
    Only use Rampage with 100 rage once the Frothing Berserker buff is up, regardless if you're already Enraged or not.

Cooldown rotation
    Rampage (100 rage from RA) > Raging Blow > Odyn's Fury > Bloodthirst > Furious Slash
    Rampage can be used prior to Battle Cry even with less than 100 rage, to minimize rage waste, since Battle Cry will proc Frothing anyway. However, you should not delay Battle Cry to ensure this happens.
    See the [url=threads/2191837-7-2-Fury-Guide-amp-FAQ#draught]Draught of Souls[/url] section below for information regarding trinket use.
    Ramp -> RB -> OF -> BT -> RB -> FS -> BT -> RB
    Increased rage generation from 7.2 traits (Pulse of Battle/Odyn's Glory) can generate enough rage to allow Rampage to be used a second time during Battle Cry, it should be used at the end of Battle Cry, in place of Furious Slash/Bloodthirst. With over 50% haste, through War Machine/etc you'll be able to fit a third Raging Blow.

Execute rotation
Best for short Execute phases, wherein the target is expected to die within a few GCDs, valuing the direct damage of Raging Blow over maintaining Enrage/Frothing Berserker.
  • Execute > Raging Blow > Bloodthirst
Juggling Frothing Berserker during Execute - Requires Tier 19
Good for longer Execute phases (raid bosses), this rotation is good for maintaining Enrage and Frothing Berserker, though requires a keen sense of timing and buff tracking. Ideally, you want to go into the Execute phase at, or as close as possible to, 100 rage and then rotate:
    Execute -> Furious Slash -> Bloodthirst
    The idea is to use Execute to drop rage below 100, use Furious Slash to buff Bloodthirst, and then Bloodthirst to generate rage and proc Enrage. Ideally, this will push you back up to 100 rage, however it isn't entirely reliable due to variations in the swing timer; sometimes you won't proc Enrage, sometimes you'll end up at 98 rage instead of 100, etc. Either way, you still continue the rotation by using Execute again, even if Enrage or Frothing are not active. Since Enrage and Frothing Berserker last long enough to cover two cycles, even if they don't proc every time, they should be up more often than not.

    When Battle Cry has 10-15s remaining, abandon this rotation and simply spam Execute to drop rage, before using Battle Cry to generate more.

Execute Cooldown rotation
    Battle Cry > Bloodthirst (if not enraged) > Execute
    Using Battle Cry will generate 100 rage and proc Frothing Berserker, Bloodthirst will proc Enrage if it's not already up, and then spam Execute. Use Bloodthirst to apply Enrage when the buff is down. Odyn's Fury should only be used with <6 stacks of Juggernaut, and if the target is expected to die quickly.
    Optional: If the Taste for Blood buff is up, Bloodthirst can be used before Battle Cry, to save having to use Bloodthirst on the first GCD of Battle Cry.

"Should I use Whirlwind instead of Furious Slash during Battle Cry?"
No; it's inconsistent and the potential gain isn't worth the potential loss. If you could ensure that the Bloodthirst following the Whirlwind replacing your Furious Slash would happen before Battle Cry falls off (ensuring the Bloodthirst auto-crits), then it would be a gain; but if it doesn't, it's a loss due to missing out on the +30% chance to crit. At the same time Whirlwind doesn't deal all of its damage at once due to being split up into three "spins", so it's always possible for some of the damage to fall out of the buffs anyway. Overall, it's an extremely small optimization which requires forward thinking and split second timing; it just isn't worth it.


Normal rotation applies, replacing abilities with Whirlwind based on target count.

Two targets
  • Whirlwind before Rampage to cleave it.

Three targets
  • Whirlwind in place of Furious Slash, and in place of Raging Blow if you have Naj'entus's Vertebrae.

Four targets
  • Whirlwind in place of Furious Slash and Raging Blow.

Eight+ targets
  • Whirlwind in place of Bloodthirst, Furious Slash, and Raging Blow; continue to use Rampage (only at 100 rage with Frothing Berserker).

Using Draught of Souls
Use during Battle Cry, Avatar, and while Enraged. The effect lasts three seconds, does not interrupt Rampage, and you cannot use abilities, but will continue to auto-attack and generate rage during the effect, which is why Rampage should be used to trigger Enrage rather than Bloodthirst.

Opener with 4p
    BC+Ramp -> Draught -> RB -> BT -> OF
    You need Lust or an unfeasible amount of Haste to fit OF.

Opener without 4p
    BC+Ramp -> Draught -> BT -> RB -> OF
    The only difference here is that Enrage will not last long enough to cover Raging Blow, so Bloodthirst is used first. You need Lust or an unfeasible amount of Haste to fit OF.

Without Lust
  • You won't fit Odyn's Fury without a Haste buff, and should instead save it till the next Battle Cry (with Convergence), or use it in place of an FS while Enraged/Frothing (without Convergence), then go back to using it with Battle Cry as normal. This ends up delaying overall OF use, but increases the overall number of Raging Blows and reduces the use of Furious Slash.

During Execute
    BC+BT -> Execute -> Draught -> BT -> Execute
    Execute use is flexible, simply ensure Juggernaut stacks won't fall off during the 3s duration.

Using Odyn's Fury with Draught of Souls/Convergence of Fates
Even with Death and Glory, Odyn's Fury shouldn't be prioritized over Raging Blow. It's better used during Raging Blows cooldown, to replace a weaker Bloodthirst/Furious Slash. Simply put, the gain in using OF over RB is outweighed by the gain in using OF over FS/BT, even if it causes OF to be delayed overall.

"If Draught/OF has X seconds remaining and Battle Cry is off cooldown, should I use Battle Cry or wait for Draught/OF?"
Unless encounter mechanics dictate otherwise, it's typically better to use Battle Cry on cooldown and delay Avatar/Draught/OF for it, rather than delaying Battle Cry for any of them.

Note: Subject to change based on gear; individuals should always use their own personal stat weights.

All stat information compiled with 4p tier, Draught, Convergence, and all 7.2 talents.

Stat weights
Haste > Mastery > Versatility > Strength > Critical Strike

Avoiding Critical Strike is really the major consideration when evaluating gear.

Haste and Mastery are fairly close together, but Haste tends to be more consistently stronger. Don't worry about breakpoints so much as simply favoring Haste when possible, and Haste/Mastery over Versatility/Critical Strike.

Use at your own risk; individual gear and resulting stat weights won't necessarily match these.

7.2 Content
There are plenty of other guides on MMO-C and WoWhead covering general 7.2 content, so this is only going to cover Warrior specific interests. Please note that much of this content is time-gated on live, and will be completed incrementally, rather than all at once as it was on the PTR.

The Class Campaign itself is a very straightforward quest chain available upon completing the Broken Shore introductory quests. Rather than reposting it all here, see my earlier post on the subject (note: some content has since changed and will be noted below as applicable).

New Research

    Tier VII
    The choice here is fairly subjective - extra troops help complete bonus rolls, while sending out missions is limited by Champions. I tend to value bonus loot, but it's really 50/50.
    Tier VIII
    The double Relic-trait bonus no longer exists.

Class Hall Champions
All Champions unlock a 3rd equipment slot at "Titled" quality, which requires 200k experience after Epic.
Upon completing the Class Hall Campaign, a new champion will be unlocked, Darius Crowley for the Alliance/Eitrigg for the Horde, who currently has the same Uncommon quality bonus as Ragnvald (this is a bug), and the active Champion limit is raised to 6 (7 with the proper Order Hall Research)

There's a lot of leeway with Class Hall Champion lineups, but the recommended are:
[*]Finna[*]Ragnvald[*]Hodir[*]Hymdall[*]Thorim/Eitrigg-Crowley (Combat Ally)[*]Svergan[*]Ymiron/Dvalen
My previous writeup regarding these choices can be found here.

Meatball/Moroes can be used at your discretion, though they don't counter threats, so I suggest keeping at least one active Champion of each type (Arms/Fury/Prot). Unfortunately, Eitrigg/Crowley aren't very useful due to his overlap of abilities, unless you want to use him as a Combat Ally (in which case, I'd probably suggest deactivating Thorim).

Class Mount
Requires completion of a scenario, quest offered by Odyn, after finishing the Class Hall Campaign. May be additionally gated on live.

Or you can just collect extra Valarjar rep and farm for the real Warrior class mount.

Artifact Challenge/Mage Tower

Naeno has already written an excellent overview of the fight, so rather than regurgitating it, I suggest taking a look at it for general advice. While the basis of the strategy most players are using revolves around out dpsing her Imp Servant's heal, which requires quite a bit of gear, hard swapping and killing them immediately requires just as much gear to not get overrun, so I really don't think one way has a lower gear requirement than another. Remember, this content is meant to last the majority of 7.2 for most players - not everyone is meant to complete it the first week of the patch.

Although I had a series of sub 10% wipes, I got pretty lucky with the timing of her abilities on the kill, so although the fight is mostly scripted, there is an element of RNG and some variance within her phases. If you feel as though you're doing everything correctly, but just getting stomped by certain combinations during the fight, I suggest trying to pushing her phases at a different time than normal.

Tips & Tricks
  • The fight is all about control; while the high DPS requirement makes it feel like a DPS race, it's actually a survivability one. You're better off saving cooldowns to deal with her adds (Umbral/Scorching Imps), rather than trying to simply burn her health down quickly. There's no enrage, so if you handle the adds well, you'll take less damage, and can keep the fight going as long as need be. I didn't even realize I killed her on my kill, being so focused on dodging mechanics, her defeat took me completely by surprise.
  • Drums reset with each attempt now, though I still found them better to use during the latter portion of the fight - if you can't make it through Phase 1, you're not going to make it through Phase 2 anyway.
  • Kiting the Fuming Imps with Piercing Howl is a valid strategy, though I found it more difficult due to losing GCDs, and often requiring me to kite away from the adds I was trying to kill. Ideally, you'll stack all of the Fuming Imps void zones atop one another to the side or under the boss.
  • Pummel will sometimes not interrupt her channel, even if her shield is down. I haven't looked into the cause, though I believe I only ever saw it happen during phase 1.
  • I'd recommend at least 900 ilvl equipped. It can certainly be accomplished with lower, but it will be increasingly more difficult to meet the damage and survivability checks.

  • Talents - Shockwave/Wrecking Ball/Warpaint are alternatives, but I found that the adds were rarely grouped well enough to stun more than one or two at a time, and focusing on killing extra targets within cooldown windows emphasized the use of Furious Slash (with 4p tier) rather than Wrecking Ball-Whirlwind spam.
  • Spiced Wildfowl - Not incredibly important, but works pretty well due to the high mobility requirement and frequent adds.
  • Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus is ideal, as it's shield can save your life if you're hit by a stray boulder, leave her shielded too long, or allow too many Imps to stack up.
  • Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles are key in allowing you to recover from mistakes. Prydaz will keep you alive, but you'll be in a vulnerable position until it comes up again, while Mannoroth's extra healing will allow you to heal up quicker.
  • Naj'entus's Vertebrae seems good, though I don't think I'd recommend it. Done correctly, the strategy revolves around bursting down groups of adds during cooldowns, outside of which you shouldn't need to be Whirlwinding much.
  • Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish is a great option for taking out groups of Imps quickly, though I don't think it's required, and given the option would probably favor defensive legendaries instead.
  • Gronntooth Warhorn - While the trinkets stat increases are underwhelming, the extra damage against demons applies to all targets within the scenario. Certainly not required, in fact there's a lot of leeway with regards to trinkets.
  • Draught of Souls - Viable option, though I'd suggest not using it with cooldowns (aside from the opener), and using it to quickly pop her shield instead.
  • Convergence of Fates - Also not required; Battle Cry is best saved to handle large groups of adds rather than used on cooldown, though Convergence allows it to be used a bit more frequently which helps break her shield, especially if not also using Draught of Souls. You will need to have a good understanding of the fights timing to use it effectively.

As always, this guide is a living document; updates and beautification are an ongoing process.

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