Horse army is back

Horse army is back

Sep 07 Goatdude  

Make your own Battle for Azeroth horse army!

Amusing things to do in Warcraft 🙂

Say Bye to Cooper but Hello to Rose.

1. You need to be on the quest “Equine Retrieval” (Part of The Norwington Estate questline, start with “The Norwington Festival”, Alliance only)
2. Summon a 2 places mount
3. Click on Rose

Now you have Rose following you but unlike Cooper, Rose npc will not be here anymore.

4. Leave the Norwington Estate
5. Come back to Rose initial position.

Rose npc will have reappeared, repeat 2-5 to have an army.

Unlike Cooper : Rose WILL ATTACK her enemies if she is hit first, so can you make her body pull the mobs, or if the mob is doing an aoe all your army will help you.
Also they are not walking in formation.

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I have played World of Warcraft for a very long time and have been the Guild Master of Royal Templars for about 8 Years. I have been a raider in the Alliance guild Spirit of Dawnsong on Draenor EU and Relic. These days I just run the guild and website :)

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