World of Warcraft’s Latest 7.2.5 Build Offers Dancing and Pet Battle

World of Warcraft’s Latest 7.2.5 Build Offers Dancing and Pet Battle

Apr 20 Goatdude  

When patch 7.2.5 first arrived to the World of Warcraft PTR, several pieces of content were due to arrive. As of yesterday, a few more of those pieces have landed in the latest 7.2.5 build; more specifically, a new pet battle dungeon and one of the upcoming special events.

As the image above already suggests, the Auction House Dance Party event is now up for testing, which transforms the Auction Houses in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar into rainbow-floored discos. The Trial of Style event will also be extended for another week, and is even getting a special “Pose with the Blues” event this Friday, April 21st from 2pm to 4pm PDT.

This build of the patch will also add the new Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon, which can be accessed by speaking with Breanni in Dalaran. The current build will also focus on multiple class specs including Enhancement Shamans, Arms Warriors, and all Warlock specs.

Finally, the preliminary version of the Black Temple Timewalking raid is still available without any specific difficulty tuning in place, and the first pieces of the Great Gnomeregan Race are in place, with details on that event to come later.

A complete rundown of the current build can be found on the official forums.

Our Thoughts

If your going to /dance while idle in the Auction House anyway, you may as well dress up the area for the occasion! The current 7.2.5 build definitely has a little bit of everything for players to check out. If you’ve had some time with any of what the new patch has to offer, we’d love to hear your impressions thus far.

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